Oh boy. An hour and a half to get into my mastodon server after forgetting an SSH key at home.

Might have been faster to rebuild the server... 😅 Now I can get on with fooling around with this RSS bot I want to get set up...


@takeonrules I got into web development because HTML and a tiny bit of inline CSS got you really far. Then it was easy to learn bit by bit from there.

I'm not sure 12 year old me would be able to understand Webpack. I'd give up.

@Judd I haven't been able to DM anything for a while, and I've definitely got that itch.

I'm a player in my regularly group, in a game which borrows from Storm Kings Thunder, which is pretty fun!

I'm writing up some Maze of the Blue Medusa notes for the next game I run though. :) Mostly focused entirely in 5e.

I'm reading Maze of the Blue Medusa. How the heck are the Chameleon Women and the lady in Halls 2 getting in?

@Judd mastodon, oddly enough. I recently just started around here and was curious what the D&D scene was like.

@Judd Hey, I'm really glad I stumbled across this. Your bad ideas sound fantastic until they didn't. :D

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I really hope this Notebook gets backed. I've got this idea of filling a notebook with adventure prompts and random NPCs. Opening to a random page and throwing PC's into it.


@ebeth ha! I thought this was April 2020. Sorry for stalking your history so far back! I've been wandering the D&D hashtags.

@ebeth I like to think that you should be able to have a dramatic, storybased death if you really were eager to move to your new PC. Work with your DM and have your other players on the edge of their seat the whole night. :D

@takeonrules I'd love to do that. The only time I hit the caps lock key is on accident. I'm just not sure I could ever break the muscle memory of two decades of typing...

@Catbat This is lovely. I love this new era of friendly tieflings. I feel like I've only noticed them being portrayed like this in the past year or so.

I've never considered how tiefling's mate before, so thanks for that. 😂

I'm hoping to write more D&D soon - right now I've been focusing on a video game development idea - but I did write something recently.

I like the idea of adding "Prescience" as an innate skill which everyone has, and the DM can call upon sometimes.


Fighter: "I'll stay in the same bunk as the prisoner."

Everyone: "ohhhh!"

Fighter: "No, the same room, I don't mean the same bunk!"

"Too late, it's cannon."

Oh, gosh. Is this really up and running?

That was fairly easy! Nice!


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