Oh boy. An hour and a half to get into my mastodon server after forgetting an SSH key at home.

Might have been faster to rebuild the server... 😅 Now I can get on with fooling around with this RSS bot I want to get set up...


I'm reading Maze of the Blue Medusa. How the heck are the Chameleon Women and the lady in Halls 2 getting in?

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I really hope this Notebook gets backed. I've got this idea of filling a notebook with adventure prompts and random NPCs. Opening to a random page and throwing PC's into it.


I'm hoping to write more D&D soon - right now I've been focusing on a video game development idea - but I did write something recently.

I like the idea of adding "Prescience" as an innate skill which everyone has, and the DM can call upon sometimes.


Fighter: "I'll stay in the same bunk as the prisoner."

Everyone: "ohhhh!"

Fighter: "No, the same room, I don't mean the same bunk!"

"Too late, it's cannon."

Oh, gosh. Is this really up and running?

That was fairly easy! Nice!


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