Multiple hours trying to get my raycasting to work... I just needed to use Physics2D, rather than Physics.

I expect that's not the last time I'll make this mistake.

Our rogue just used Rope Trick to get a rope to swing across the open sea to get to a boat wreckage.

Rope Trick for something other than hiding is genius! It changes everything.

I've begun DMing again! I'm a relatively inexperienced DM, so this problem sort of threw me.

During our session zero, I made sure everyone fleshed out character and have tiny bits of background they can all share. Simple things which are usually overlooked like, "where in the town do you live?"

Anyway, this ended up creating a party which aren't murder hobos with dubious morality and I'm going to have to adjust my adventure to account for this.

I think I have a party of actual heroes, y'all.

Oh boy. An hour and a half to get into my mastodon server after forgetting an SSH key at home.

Might have been faster to rebuild the server... 😅 Now I can get on with fooling around with this RSS bot I want to get set up...

I'm reading Maze of the Blue Medusa. How the heck are the Chameleon Women and the lady in Halls 2 getting in?

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I really hope this Notebook gets backed. I've got this idea of filling a notebook with adventure prompts and random NPCs. Opening to a random page and throwing PC's into it.

I'm hoping to write more D&D soon - right now I've been focusing on a video game development idea - but I did write something recently.

I like the idea of adding "Prescience" as an innate skill which everyone has, and the DM can call upon sometimes.

Fighter: "I'll stay in the same bunk as the prisoner."

Everyone: "ohhhh!"

Fighter: "No, the same room, I don't mean the same bunk!"

"Too late, it's cannon."

Oh, gosh. Is this really up and running?

That was fairly easy! Nice!

A place for role players of all stripes to hang out, drama free.